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Acute Stroke

Acute Stroke

In patients presenting within the golden period after symptoms of acute stroke, (4.5 hours), our stroke team comprising of Neurologist, Emergency and critical care specialists and Neuro Radiologist, will evaluate and proceed with intravenous thrombolysis in suitable patients. This comprises of injecting a drug called recombinant tissue plasminogen activator ( r-TPA) which can break open the clot and restore patency of the blocked vessel. This results in clinical improvement of the stroke patient.

Acute Stroke neuro doctors

Mechanical Thrombectomy 

In certain patients presenting after 4.5 hours and with certain large vessel blocks, we have a facility where our Interventional Neuroradiologist will take the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab and under fluoroscopic guidance introduce a catheter into the blocked vessel. He will the proceed to aspirate the clot and sometimes do an angioplasty or stent the vessel restoring patency 

We also have an advanced critical care set up, with intensivists, round the clock, treating and monitoring our stroke patients, thereby improving their outcome.Our acute stroke care starts from the ambulance pick up itself.

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