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Best Doctors for Epilepsy Treatment in Bangalore

Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy Surgery neuro doctorsWe run a comprehensive epilepsy surgery program for medically refractory epilepsy.

Medically refractory epilepsy means any epilepsy that has not responded to an adequate dosage of two antiepileptic drugs for a period of two years. 

This criteria is not strict for pediatric epilepsy and we offer corrective surgery in the first year of life itself for pediatric epilepsy surgical syndromes.

Approximately 30-40% of newly diagnosed epilepsies every year turn out to be medically refractory. 

30% of these medically refractory epilepsies are surgical candidates.

Controlling seizures is very important in children to allow maximum brain and cognitive development. 

In adults with medically refractory epilepsy suffer socially/ employment wise / marriage / depression among other issues.T

he preoperative evaluation includes clinical evaluation by the epileptologist, VEEG, MRI brain, PET scan brain, neuro psychological evaluation.

With these basic tests most often we are able to pinpoint the source of seizures in the patient’s brain. 

After appropriate discussion in our epilepsy management group we offer surgical remedial to these patients.

The epilepsy management group includes:

  1. Dr. Sujit Kumar , Epileptologist
  2. Dr. Ravi Mohan Rao, Epilepsy surgeon
  3. Dr. Sharath Kumar, Neuroradiologist
  4. Dr. Shivanna, Anesthesiologist
  5. Dr. Ajith, Intraoperative Neuro Technologist
  6. Mrs. Mamatha, VEEG Technician.


Till November 2018, Dr. Ravi Mohan Rao has performed 312 epilepsy surgeries in the private sector. 

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