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Brain Stem Cavernoma Excision

Brain Stem Cavernoma Excision

brain stem cavernomaCavernomas are uncommon in the brainstem and record for 18-35% of focal anxious cavernomas and can cause repetitive hemorrhages, annihilating neurological deficits, and mortality. Brainstem cavernomas can securely be resected. Effective resection of brainstem cavernomas can be accomplished by ideal surgical methodologies, plausible passage zone, and careful microsurgical strategies. The objective of surgical intercession ought to be the absolute resection of the sore with no crumbling in the neurological deficits.

Case Studies of Brain-Stem Cavernoma Excision

Brain-Stem Cavernoma Excision

Midbrain Cavernoma

A 33-year-old filmmaker presented with sudden onset of a headache, double vision and MRI brain showed hemorrhage in the midbrain

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